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Hello You Folks

2008-05-17 10:31:40 by slomozovo

Newgrounds has always been, as far back in my mind as I can think of internet with moving parts, but I've never sampled it's flavour of community until now. First and foremost I'm here to share music and stuff, find new people to collaborate with, indulge in electronic music and make friends over these vast seas of binary. Secondly, I must plug the website, CakeBomb, which is the absolute HQ of all things Bingy, and the rest of our SUPER CREW (TomSka, Abi, Mina and Rosie2).

Anyone who's anyone who likes Eddsworld will have seen Spares. My first audio upload is the end credits theme, which got a lovely response from viewers. (I hear it's good in Audiosurf.) I'll also be uploading miscellaneous music I create for anyone's use, and looking for music to scavenge for film soundtracks.

For more news go to
My YouTube is
And I <3 you all.

Keeping you posted,



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2008-05-25 20:46:02

Hey thanks for the fav! Nice site by the way.